Stork Surrogacy International qualifies and pre-screens healthy women who have had uncomplicated normal pregnancies, deliveries and healthy babies who LOVE to be pregnant to become a Surrogate Mother (Gestational Carrier). Being a surrogate is a very gratifying and personal experience for many women. Surrogacy provides intended parents the opportunity to have a child that would otherwise have little or no chance of achieving pregnancy. Her participation is a genuine act of kindness that is irreplaceable.


– Locate Surrogates in Canada and/or the U.S.A

– Review each surrogate’s completed application, conduct interviews and pre-screen her for initial acceptance

– Obtain the surrogate’s previous medical records including all prenatal, labor & delivery and post natal check-up and, if available, previous surrogacy cycle medical records and previous psychological records

– Surrogates will have no mental health history in her current or past medical history that will preclude her from being a Surrogate

– All surrogates will have documented medical clearance from her OB/GYN or Family Practitioner who will be responsible for the management of the Surrogates pregnancy, labor and delivery


– Facilitate the Management of the Escrow Account throughout the pregnancy with Surrogate, Intended Parents & Registered Escrow Agent

– Facilitate obtaining Criminal Background checks from Surrogate (and partners) & Intended Parents

– Preparation of Addendum to Direct Agreement if required, regarding Special Expense Items referenced in Direct Agreement Signed by all parties for Escrow Agent

-Assist with Client and Surrogate Legal Representation for Direct Agreement, Pre-Birth Order and Declaration of Parentage

-Review of the surrogate’s health insurance policy to determine the following:

A. No visible surrogacy exclusion

B. Vague exclusion

C. Blatant exclusion

Based on the above, help facilitate and navigate maternity coverage options by having the surrogates insurance assessed by a third party at the CLIENT’S expense.

-Coordinate thorough psychological testing of the surrogate

-Assist fertility center with cycle management and Satellite Monitoring of Surrogate & Test results

-Assist with Coordinating Surrogate Travel for appointments and Embryo Transfers

-Help locate the best hospital for the delivery.

-Provide an advocate for both the intended parents and the surrogate –  troubleshooting that may be required should any issues arise

-Constant contact with Surrogate and Intended parents throughout entire treatment, pregnancy, delivery and after the baby is born

And Much More… We Hold Your Hand Every Step of the Way….

SSI Matching & Maintenance Program locates identifies and qualifies candidates who are interested in being Gestational Carriers and providing full maintenance of the surrogacy process to birth. SSI does not pay, offer to pay, or advertising payment for sperm, eggs or in vitro embryos from donors or for the services of surrogate mothers (including payment to a third party for arranging for the services of a surrogate mother). It’s sole activity is the qualification of potential Gestational Carrier (surrogate mothers) candidates who approach SSI and to maintain the surrogacy cycle and pregnancy to completion of either the birth of a child(ren), or the legal agreement is terminated.

If you are interested in our program as a potential Gestational Carrier or Intended Parent, please read through our website so that you may become more familiar with our services.  Don’t hesitate to call our office Toll Free: (877) 339-3296 and one of our staff can discuss our program with you and how we can help. You may also email us at storkbites @ storksurrogacy.com and one of our staff will contact you at your convenience during the day or after hours.