Becoming An Intended Parent

Chances are that you’ve already wrestled with your emotions and desires to have a baby. Today’s advances in medicine and technology have opened doors for you that never existed before. With or without egg donation, more and more parents today have realized their dream of creating a family through surrogacy The complexities and difficulties may seem overwhelming—but that’s where we come in.

Our Intended Parents are people who have been referred to our firm from a wide variety of sources including fertility clinics, egg donation agencies, and by word of mouth.

Stork Surrogacy International LLC provides pre-screened gestational carriers who have current medical and psychological clearance to be a surrogate.

It is very rewarding and satisfying to find the one gestational carrier that you ‘click’ with; the one who stands out above the rest. Our job at our firm is to help alleviate the pressure and allow you to focus on what is important, your growing family.

We provide:

  • extensive profiles
  • full medical medical records including all prenatal, labor & delivery and post natal check-up
  • if available, previous surrogacy cycle medical records and previous psychological records
  • Current documented psychological clearance letter in writing and will be pre-psychologically screened (i.e. undergo psychological testing with a qualified mental health professional and complete a PAI test or other accepted psychological test).
  • Current documented medical clearance from her OB/GYN in writing including a recent doctor’s visit for height, weight, BMI, glucose level, blood pressure and Pap smear (all must be normal to pass medical clearance).

We pre-screen all applicants in order to present you with only the most healthy, intelligent and sound-minded women. We will ensure they have the knowledge, commitment, and dedication required to be a surrogate.

Overall, your happiness is important to us. Your decisions are personal and confidential and we strive to be the most caring and helpful  fertility firm nationwide and worldwide.

Please feel free to call our office  Toll Free: (877) 339-3296. We would be very happy to tell you more about our program.