Our Fairy Godmother

Our Fairy Godmother, LLC is the sister company to Stork Surrogacy International LLC and is a full-service international egg donation fertility consulting service headquartered in Naples, Florida. Our agency is staffed by caring professionals with experience committed to assisting in the creation of families throughout the world.

We unite potential recipients with egg donors while providing the complete coordination of services including travel arrangements, legal contracts and medical appointments. We stand beside our donors and recipients and hold your hand every step of the way.

Message from the President, Cathy Ruberto

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to  Our Fairy Godmother, and tell you what sets us apart from the others. Our greatest achievement is our fantastic pregnancy rates with a two fresh embryo transfer when using an egg donor and gestational carrier (surrogate)! Our overall pregnancy rate is 80% which included pregnancies achieved by both fresh AND frozen embryo transfers. 91% of all surrogacy cycles using Our Fairy Godmother egg donors achieved a pregnancy in fresh and frozen cycles combined. Our overall miscarriage rate is 10% giving us a 90% live birth rate.

We have many outstanding donors, with many new donors joining daily. The majority of our donors are educated and married with children. Many are repeat proven donors and gestational carriers. We like to refer to them as triple proven which provide our clients with such an excellent success rate. Our extensive online database may be accessed at no charge. There are 31 pages of information on each donor including personal, physical details, education, characteristics, genetic, reproductive health and three generation medical history plus many photos.